About us

We started with a dream that would allow us to boost local endogenous development, promoting economies of scale in communities and regions of Mexico, to promote their insertion in the national and international market.

We currently collaborate with business associations, higher education institutions, non-bank financial intermediaries, civil associations, research centers, technology parks, governments and any entity that wishes to develop.

Technology management

  1. Advice and consultancy

  2. Equity fund management

  3. Adtech and communication agency

  4. LegalTech

  5. Business intelligence

  6. Family-office

  7. Fintech

I + D + i

  1. Research, Development and Innovation of products, systems and manufacturing processes, new technologies and joint developments.

  2. Development of own processes from a laboratory and pilot level to their industrial adaptation

  3. Turnkey projects.

Business development

  1. Pre incubation and business incubation

  2. STEMpreneurs

  3. Resource management

  4. Sectoral and intersectoral linkage

International cooperation projects

  1. Low carbon technologies and circular economy.

  2. CSOs

  3. Empowerment of women, we grow by sharing.